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For the year 

Read 12 chess books

My goal for this year is to read one book per month, totaling to 12 books by the end of the year.

Win 5 tournaments

Out of the 20-25 tournaments I plan to play this year, I aim to secure first place in at least five of them.

Reach a FIDE rating of 1600

The new changes in the FIDE rating system make achieving this goal possible.

Play at least 20 tournaments

There are tournaments nearly every Sunday, which is fantastic for practicing.

Games Played

Prizes Earned

Tournaments Played


About Me

December, 2022

How I started playing chess

I started playing chess In late 2022, around December. At this point, I was playing for fun online on chess.com and lichess, until I discovered chess tournaments. I soon started learning chess in an academy and playing frequently in tournaments. I started earning many medals and trophies starting as early as my second-ever chess tournament!

May 2023

How I progressed in chess

After these few months of success, I changed my academy and joined an even bigger and better club which helped me improve my chess strength at an impressive speed. In just a few months after joining this new club I was already defeating rated players! It was a huge achievement for me and soon after that tournament, I played the most important tournament so far: Maheshwaranand Saraswati Rating Tournament. In this tournament, I played exceptionally well and defeated many rated players, which helped me achieve an international FIDE rating of 1084.

My Story

3 Dec, 2023

D’Souza Memorial Chess Tournament

This is one of the first tournaments I have played in the open category. It was a fun experience playing with people of different ages. I got the prize for the best unrated player.

17 Dec, 2023

9th iiTPK Chess Tournament

This was also a huge tournament with over 200 players participating and more then 50 rated players participating. I got the prize for 10th place in under-13 category.

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