26 Jan, 2024

Vinayak Navyug Chess Tournament

This was the latest tournament I’ve played. It was a good tournament for me as I faced many difficult players and played very well against them. This tournament was on the republic day and was organized very well. I got the 10th prize in U-14 category.

2 Dec, 2023

8th Dr. Hedgewar Chess Tournament

This tournament was organized on national sports day in memory of the great Indian physician Dr. Hedgewar. It was a tournament with comparatively fewer players, but they all were very strong. I managed to secure a few good wins and get a medal. 

23 July, 2023

Konde Birthday Celebration Chess Tournament

This was also one of the earlier tournaments I had played. My performance was nothing too special this time because the players were very advanced in this tournament but I managed to secure a medal scoring 3 points.

16 July, 2023

World Chess Day Chess Tournament

This was my best performance at that time. In this tournament, I beat several rated players while being an unrated player myself. This was my most best and well-deserved trophy as it was the highest ranking I’ve got so far (2nd place). It was also a great venue and organization. Overall a great tournament for me.

9 April, 2023

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Memorial Chess Tournament

This was my first-ever trophy. I achieved this as early as my 4th tournament.  It was a 2-day chess tournament which had a slightly larger time control and slightly more rounds. I scored 6/8 which got me in the top 3 place, securing me a great trophy.

5 Feb, 2023

Dr. Gandhi Chess Tournament

This was my first-ever chess prize. It was my second chess tournament and I performed very well achieving 4.5 points out of 7 rounds. I came close to winning a trophy, for which I only needed half a point more. It was a very nice experience and the tournament was well organized.